littlefoolbook - Self Love Pinky Rings & The Undeniable Power Of Choosing Yourself: A Beautiful Q&A With Melody Godfred

littlefoolbook - Self Love Pinky Rings & The Undeniable Power Of Choosing Yourself: A Beautiful Q&A With Melody Godfred

Melody Godfred is many things. If you Google her name, you’ll find pages on pages of her many accolades. She’s an author, a career coach, an entrepreneur. In a past life, she was even a litigation associate, before she boldly left that job to write a novel. She’s a daughter, a wife, and a mother. She speaks 5 languages and has a freaking Amazon page (#goals). However, beyond the labels, Melody Godfred is simply a woman who knows and loves herself — and she’s pioneered a global community of other self-loving women.

In 2016, Melody launched Fred+Far with a single product — The Self Love Pinky Ring — and a not-so-simple mission of “empowering women to choose themselves.” The Self Love Pinky Ring is a statement piece like no other. Worn on an oft-forgotten finger, the pinky ring features an inverted triangular gemstone symbolic of the Divine Feminine and is meant to serve as a daily self-love reminder to the women who don it. Since its initial launch, women in 40+ countries around the world have made a pinky promise to themselves and the Fred+Far collection has expanded to include easy-adjustable bracelets, necklaces, chokers, and more.

In a world where it’s all too easy to measure our worth in numbers, self-identify with labels, and get caught up in the comparison game, to truly get to know ourselves can be a daunting, near impossible endeavor (I would know). But knowing ourselves is loving ourselves and Melody is breaking down barriers with Fred+Far’s thoughtfully designed jewelry that reminds us of the undeniable power of choosing ourselves, first.

Melody has been featured by Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, Self, Hello Giggles, and Teen Vogue, among others. And today, I’m honored to have her share her wisdom, philosophies and future plans on the #SelfLoveSessions stage. (She also shares a totally kicka$$ self-love mantra I think we should all borrow.)

Without further ado, a beautiful Q&A with Fred+Far Founder, Melody Godfred…


Hey Melody! Welcome to the #SelfLoveSessions. First things, first — tell me a little bit about yourself.

I am someone who thrives on creativity and collaboration. I am an entrepreneur, a creator, a mother of twins, a writer, and a fierce advocate for self-love and self-care.


Speaking of being a self-love and self-care advocate...Tell me about Fred+Far — What was the initial spark behind the company?

In early 2015, I realized I had hit every milestone I had set out to conquer in my life — career, marriage, motherhood — and yet I had lost my connection with myself. I didn't know what made me happy, I had lost track of who I was when I stripped away labels like entrepreneur, mother, wife. I needed a daily reminder to practice self-exploration, self-care, and self-love, so I created one.

I've always found jewelry to be a very powerful way to commemorate important moments, so I created the Self Love Pinky Ring as both a reminder and symbol of my commitment to myself.

Image via Instagram.

Image via Instagram.

Yes! I’m obsessed with the Self Love Pinky Ring. Can you speak about the symbolism behind it?

Every element of the Self Love Pinky Ring is deliberate.

I used the inverted triangle throughout our branding and the ring because it is an ancient symbol of the Divine Feminine, which is an energy that lives within all of us as women.

The ring is designed for the pinky because we are asking women to make a pinky promise with themselves — the most sacred of all promises.

We use lab created stones because they are biologically identical to natural stones, but are conflict free and much kinder to the environment. We believe this leads to a cleaner metaphysical energy, which in turn benefits the wearer.

We purposely select stones that have strong metaphysical properties that resonate with our values, such as white sapphires and black spinel.

When you wear the Self Love Pinky Ring, all of these design choices work to empower your commitment to yourself.

Image via Instagram.
Image via Instagram.

What's next for Fred+Far? What are your goals for growth and the future?

We initially launched in 2016 with just one product, the Self Love Pinky Ring. This was very deliberate because the ring was and will always be the core symbol of our mission.

As our tribe has grown, tribe members have asked for other jewelry items and products that they can wear and use as symbols of self-love and commitment, so in the summer of 2017 we expanded our jewelry line, and also engaged in our first retail collaboration with the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco. We're excited to continue expanding the collection and partnering with other brands that share our mission.


"The Self Love Bracelet is adjustable so that women can put it on by themselves — usually the hardest part of delicate bracelets!"

Considering you’ve founded a company advocating self-love, I’m curious — What does self-love mean to you?

Self-love is when you are able to know and see all parts of yourself, and love it all — the dark, and the light. It is about integrity and self-worth. It is the strength to let go of stories and beliefs that do not serve you, and the ability to manifest stories and beliefs that do. Self-love is the source from which all love comes, because until we are able to love ourselves fully, and wholly, we are unable to love another.


You've built a successful and inspiring business empowering women to love themselves, but do you ever experience moments where you're lacking a whole lotta self-love?

When you have a business that preaches self-love and self-care, sometimes you get caught in a catch 22. On one hand, business can be all consuming and infringe upon my self-care rituals. On the other hand, I struggle with embodying my brand and setting the boundaries with my business that I need in order not to lose myself.

I definitely have times when I experience a lack of self-love, and these times have changed a lot since I was younger. When I was younger they usually related to how I felt in relation to a man. Now, my lack of self-love rears its head when I let the highs and lows of running a business interfere with my equilibrium as a woman.


Being an entrepreneur, while wildly rewarding, can also be hard AF. How do you practice self-care in your daily life?

Boundaries and commitments.

Without boundaries, self-care goes straight out the window because there will always be something more time sensitive that comes up when you're running your own business. I commit to acts of self-care on a daily and weekly basis to ensure that I replenish myself energetically, emotionally and physically, because otherwise, I'll have nothing to give to my customers or my family.

Image via Instagram.

Image via Instagram.

What is your personal definition of "Beauty"?

A woman who has the confidence to know and be herself, without shame, guilt, regret or apology.

On the subject of beauty — How have you coped with growing up GIRL in a culture that's obsessed with *a very certain standard* of beauty?

I remember growing up as an immigrant in Los Angeles and envying all of the American girls in my school. They lived life and looked exactly like the girls in magazines and TV. It was very intimidating, and oftentimes I would retreat into myself.

As I've grown older, I've learned that my inner world is one of my greatest gifts, so I go there, to that same space I used to retreat to and find my inspiration to create. And once I create and share with the world, I connect with all kinds of women, who validate the fact that we are all different, and we are all glorious.

The more I authentically share what is inside of me, the less I feel limited by limiting beauty norms. Because I am one of one, without a single copy in the world, and there is nothing more beautiful than a true original.


When do you feel your most beautiful?

When my five-year-old daughter, Stella, tells me I look gorgeous.


If you could have a tweet go viral and that would be seen by millions, what would it say?

Self-care saved my body. Self-love saved my soul. #chooseyourself

Image via Instagram.

Image via Instagram.

Do you have any mantras, credos, or quotes that you live by?

Self-love and sisterhood will save the planet, the future is bright, self-care is survival, self-love is sacred, I am the babe with the power, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


Is there anything else you'd like to say or add for the babes who read littlefoolbook? 

You can change the way you feel about yourself and your life this very moment, without changing anyone or anything around you. Envision how you want to feel, train your thoughts to get you there, and start building a life with a foundation rooted in self-worth, self-love, and self-care. Having a daily reminder in the form of a Self Love Pinky Ring helped me get there. Find what helps you, and make the commitment.

To choose yourself is the start of the greatest romance of your life. Start sooner. Everything and everyone around you will grow with you as soon as you do. If you need a little extra inspiration to get you there, join us on Instagram where I post inspiring original content daily.


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