Fred and Far, a jewelry company based in L.A have released pink rings to give women something that can remind them it’s important to love yourself. It is a symbol that will inspire women to put themselves first, as if making a “pinky promise to themselves”.

The sterling silver “Self Love Pinky Ring” is being worn not only be women everyday but also celebs that are particularly fond of this unique way to spread a powerful message of putting you first, such as Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale and model/actress Amber Rose. The two have been more than happy to provide Fred and Far with their support for their pretty new ring.

The rings are available world wide and some in come in different colours such as 14k white, yellow or rose gold. The company did a lot of research and took their time to find the right things to create the rings and it paid off when they went with gems that are made with conflict-free sapphires which are more than fitting. So head online and purchase one of this super cute love yourself rings and follow the companies motto of “Choose Yourself”.

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