Miss Domesticated

Miss Domesticated

Traditionally, men present women with an engagement ring when asking for their hand in marriage. This ring signifies a promise - a promise to love and care for that woman for the rest of her life. It's a beautiful gesture, but in 2016, ladies need no man to make such a promise. In 2016, girls run the world (did anyone see the freakin' Olympics?!). Women have the power to make such a commitment and promise of self love for themselves!

In that vein, a new trend has emerged. Fred + Far, an LA-based jewelry brand, debuted a new kind of engagement ring called the Pinky Ring.

Pinky Ring

Gorgeous, right? This piece, according to the website, "features an approximately 1.5 karat lab-created white sapphire in a trillion cut with a prong setting. The band is made of 14k solid gold and is available in rose, yellow and white gold variations." There is also a less expensive sterling silver option. Plus, the brand is committed to using lab-created conflict-free gems, which means that no person had to endure personal tragedy or partake in violence in order for the stone to be created!

But the ring is more than just a fabulous piece of bling. When you purchase a Pinky Ring, you enter a contract with yourself. Co-founder Samira Far stated, 

"We were inspired by the engagement ring, which to date has been the only ring women wear to signify commitment. We decided to use the big bold design of an engagement ring and put it on the pinky, the most neglected finger on our hands, as a reminder to practice self love and care."

When you wear the Pinky Ring, you are making perhaps the hardest, yet most important commitment of all - the commitment to one's self.

Unsurprisingly, celebs have hopped on the Fred + Far bandwagon, with women like Amber Rose and Lucy Hale wearing the ring as a statement of their self-acceptance and self-love, a statement they hope all women will be able to make. 

The Pinky Ring can be purchased for $325 (14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold, and 14k white gold options) or $150 (sterling silver option) on the Fred + Far website.

What're you waiting for? There's no time like the present to make such a promise to yourself. 

You deserve it.