Mogul - InspireHers - Melody Godfred

Mogul - InspireHers - Melody Godfred

Melody Godfred is the founder of Fred and Far: A Self Love Movement and creator of the Self Love Pinky Ring. She’s passionate about empowering women to choose themselves and transform their lives. She launched the company in 2016, and it quickly became a media sensation, appearing in numerous global publications.

Melody had the idea for the ring, when she realized that as a wife and mother, she was often putting her self last, and feeling overwhelmed by the daily struggles we all have, as working mothers. She saw her own engagement ring as a symbol of the vows to love her husband, and wanted to create the same kind of visual reminder in a ring to vow to love herself. She even went as far to purchase a gold pinky ring to remind herself to practice daily self-love. Melody was so taken with the positive affect her ring was having on her selflove mindset, she set about creating the ultimate pinky ring. A kind of pinky promise women could vow to their selves, in all stages of their life, that it is not just ok, but necessary to love ourselves first. Her rings and now other jewelry items, incorporate the triangle shape as a symbol of the divine feminine power.

Melody what is your advice to women in business to succeed?

  • Be authentic, know your story, know your values and do not let others around you alter or influence them into something you are not.
  • Get started, sounds simple, but how often do we spend so much time thinking about doing something, that we never actually start it? Don’t wait for perfection, put your idea, product or service out there and be open to adjustment and change.
  • Build a community of strong supportive women-women who are aligned with your message and can relate to your story. This core group can be there to support, encourage, share and brainstorm with, as needed on your business journey.

Melody, how do you practice daily self-care and love?

I honor my boundaries, I make sure to separate and designate work, personal and family time. This includes scheduling exact times and where possible trying to stick to them, for each of the three life areas. The more you adhere to your boundaries, the more others including your team will respect them, making for an all around happier, more balanced life.

Melody asks all women, to make a pinky promise to choose and honor herself on a daily basis, what started out as one woman recognizing that she was struggling to honor her own time and happiness, has led to a global movement being embraced by thousands of women in 40 different countries, for this reason Melody is a true InspireHer and her message is of vital importance to all women who need a reminder to honor their own selves through self-love.