Celebs are Rocking These Anti-Engagement Rings In The Name of Self-Love

Engagement Ring = Commitment to Another. Self Love Pinky Ring = Commitment to Yourself.

Since the dawn of time, engagement rings have been a symbol of commitment and represent one person's relationship with another. Fred + Far, an L.A.-based jewelry brand, is trying to change that by creating a piece of jewelry that represents a person's promise of commitment to themselves. The Self-Love Pinky Ring is designed to help remind women, who get carried away with their responsibilities, that it's ok to treat yourself once in a while. And that it's OK to take some time to yourself to do things that make you happy. 

That's the sentiment that drove co-founder Melony Godfred to create the brand. "By early 2015, I had hit every milestone: education, career, marriage, mortgage, motherhood," she says on the Fred + Far website. "But with each one my commitment to others grew, while my connection to myself dissipated."

Godfred found herself at a crossroads and began asking herself what truly made her happy, and who she was after all the labels were stripped away. It was then that she decided to wear a ring on a new finger as a commitment to herself. Instead of buying something small, she decided to wear something that was comparable to an engagement ring. Because, why not? "I am happier, more focused and energized, and as a result everyone around me is experiencing the magic as well," she writes. 

This past April, Godfred paired with her close friend, Samira Far, to create a website to showcase some rings. They hoped this would give other women a chance to learn the importance of self-love and putting themselves first. The website has since evolved into Fred + Far—a brand that plans to continue to add new jewelry items to their collection, all with a similar message of self-love. 

Made of 14-karat yellow, white or rose gold, these rings look just as beautiful as they sound. The sapphires used in their rings are all lab-created, which means they aren't being manufacturered in sub-standard work environments. As if we needed more reasons to fall in love with this concept! 

Celebrities such as Lucy Hale and Amber Rose have already hopped on this bandwagon and are showing off their rings on their Instagram accounts. The rings range between $150 and $325—and though that may be a little out of your price range, it is important to remember that there are plenty of different ways to show yourself some love. All you have to do is start today. 

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