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If you're a millenial, chances are your Facebook is starting to flood with pictures of your friends and girls you know that are getting engaged. You are seeing picture after picture of gorgeous diamond engagement rings, with the caption ‘He asked, and I said yes!’

It might make you think about your own life if you are not engaged, or if you are currently single. But there is a new trend that lets women take control of their own happiness, and show the world that they don’t need a man to buy them a ring.
Getting engaged is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, but it doesn’t mean that it is the only way for a woman to be happy.

There is a new trend where women are wearing a ring on their pinky finger to symbolize something very important about accepting yourself. The rings are made from white sapphire, and come in sterling silver for $150 or yellow, white, or rose gold for $325.

These rings validate that you are good enough, even if you aren’t engaged yet, or even if you don’t ever want to get married, you are enough. You don’t need an engagement to prove you are worthy of love.

The idea of self love is important to learn for yourself, and is an important step to take before getting into a relationship. The pinky ring that women are buying for themselves signifies that you love yourself whether you are single, engaged or married, and that is the most important part.

This ring is special because it is from you and for you, and it is making a statement. They are called ‘Self Love Pinky Rings’ and they were created by an L.A based jeweler Fred and Far. Each ring comes with a contract that states ‘I [insert name] pinky promise to honour myself, to choose myself, and to remember myself on a daily basis.’ You write your name on the card as an agreement to to the terms to promise to love yourself unconditionally.