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It’s a great time to be alive--and a woman. We’re leading companies and shattering ceilings. (We’re even running for president!) And regardless of where you are in your life romantically, this is something to be celebrated. Which is exactly what inspired one jewelry company to make a new kind of ring that symbolizes commitment.

Meet the self-love pinky ring.

Yes, it has a shiny band and a sparkly rock, and yes, it could easily be mistaken for an engagement ring. But it’s all in the finger placement. Like an engagement ring, it’s made to be a daily reminder to love unconditionally. Only this (pinky) promise is one that you make to yourself. (Like Samantha wanted to do with the Chanel flower ring in Sex and the City: The Movie.)

So do you really need to shell out a couple hundred bucks to show yourself love? No, of course not. But man does it feel awesome to put a ring on it…on your own terms.