Rebecca Rollolazo

Rebecca Rollolazo

If there’s one thing you should take away from this post today, it’s to love yourself first. Yes, you FIRST. In a world where we’re constantly force-fed filtered engagement ring photos with a perfectly polished hand and the Swiss Alps in the background, women can sometimes feel really down and forget how full their lives really are. Trust me, the people that look all rainbows & butterflies on social media are probably not living the perfect life you think they’re living.

When I discovered Fred + Far on social media, I thought to myself “it’s about time.” Seriously though. A little backstory – Fred + Far was founded by two girlbosses, Melody and Samira, within the last year. Both women wanted a way to remind themselves that no matter what other things were going on in their lives to always value and love themselves. Thus, the self-engagement ring was born!

Now let’s talk about how FLOSSY this ring is. The stone is an environmentally-friendly lab-created white sapphire  (um, amazing) that is identical to a natural sapphire. Perks about the Fred + Far ring? It’s even more flawless than the natural stone. According to Samira and Melody, “white sapphires evoke clarity, fuel intuition, wisdom, and strength of spirit, reveal one’s talents, and inspire living with integrity.” *INSERT 50 PRAYING HANDS EMOJIS*. The rock is 1.5 carats, so trust me when I say it’s no wimpy size by ANY means.

You’re probably also wondering why they use a triangle cut since it’s not a traditional engagement ring cut. The inverted triangle is actually symbolic of divine femininity. They’ve even included dainty triangles in the setting. Talk about girlboss details! I mean it was the idea of two badass babes, so obviously. There’s also 4 band options: solid 14K rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and sterling silver. I personally went with the yellow gold, but all of them are gorg.

Like I said before, I found Fred + Far on social media and instantly fell in love. This year has been a very important year for me. I went into 2016 with many goals written out in my Moleskin for things I wanted to achieve or work on. Here’s about one-third that I can proudly check off my list:

    1. Continue to be active in the gym 3 out of 7 days of the week (I have been doing 5 consistently since January 1st).
    2. Get promoted within my current full-time job at Insight Global.
    3. Be a better listener (always a work in progress).
    4. Conquer a fear.
    5. Educate myself more about wine (I interviewed the queen of champagne!).
    6. Work towards a vegetarian lifestyle (I have now been a full-blown pescatarian since January 1st).
    7. Launch my blog and collaborate with other brands/influencers.

It’s important to recognize the amazing things that you do day-in and day-out, no matter how big or small. Even though I have been in a relationship for over 5 years, I wanted a way to remind myself of how proud I am of what I have accomplished on my own. Independence is something I feel very strong about. Enter Fred + Far.

The self-engagement ring is a very real piece of jewelry and therefore is priced in such a way – as it should be! Purchasing this ring for yourself should not be an easy virtual swipe of the Visa. Your ring should be something to work towards and honor yourself with. Be proud to be independent and earn that shiny gem because you deserve it, you know?