San Diego Entertainer

San Diego Entertainer

Ladies, taking on the world is no easy task, and when you are juggling work, home and social lives, it is easy to forget about yourself. We don’t always remember that we are supposed to come first, that our happiness is most important, and we often look down on ourselves when life gets crazy.

An engagement ring is a huge commitment to another person, but what about a ring of commitment to yourself? Fred and Far has come out with a way to remind all of us to love and honor ourselves. Founders, Samira Far and Melody Godfred inspired us all with a Self Love Pinky Ring.

“When you wear a Fred + Far Self Love Pinky Ring, you pinky promise to choose yourself, honor yourself, and remember yourself on a daily basis.” – Fred and Far


The ring, which is conflict free and environmentally friendly, starts out at $150 for basic sterling silver and moves up to $325 for 14k rose, white or yellow gold. It is a small price to pay when every day, you will be reminded of how great you are. The brand encourages women, single and married to choose happiness, love, power, and most importantly choose yourself.

“Metaphysically, white sapphires evoke clarity, fuel intuition, wisdom, and strength of spirit, reveal one’s talents, and inspire living with integrity.” – Fred and Far

Not only is the ring beautiful, and chic, Fred and Far is giving every woman a chance to commit to themselves with a powerful message. By ordering the ring, you are committed to choosing yourself over others, and remembering that you are important.


While there are many other ways to give yourself a daily reminder of how special you are, sporting a flashy ring on your finger doesn’t hurt. As much as we all want to, we can’t always remember to compliment and uplift ourselves. This brand has found a unique way to wear a cute ring on your pinky, that pacts meaning and love into your life.