shemazing fred and far fred+far self love pinky ring

Having come to prominence last summer for their anti-engagement rings, an LA-based jewellery company is enjoyed renewed interest after the online community began discussing their creations again this week.

Reminding women that the presence of a diamond on their engagement finger has nothing to do with their self worth, Fred + Far created a self-love pinky ring which seeks to celebrate women's merits and attributes whether they're in a relationship or not.

The self-love pinky ring comes with a suggestion to 'reclaim yourself' and reminds women not to dismiss their own self-worth or fall foul to the myth that you can only be fulfilled as part of a couple.

Upon purchasing the ring, the woman is presented with a 'Pinky Promise' vow where she agrees to  honour herself, choose herself, and remember herself on a daily basis.

Taking to Instagram to share their rings and promises, women have shared their perspective on their purchase.

"If you've ever hated yourself; if you've ever been unable to forgive yourself; if you've ever been convinced that you're worthless; if you've ever believed that you have no value to offer others… then you understand what a radical recommitment this is and why it's so difficult," wrote one.

"Today I choose myself. I choose to love myself, to be patient with my body during this time of healing, and to work towards improving myself every single day— as a wife, a daughter, a friend, and a future doctor. I am a lifelong work in progress," wrote another.

The jewellery brand have been keen to acknowledge their customers' pledges, responding: "Every single word you wrote touched my heart and uplifted my soul. Thank you for joining our tribe."

"Thank you for being a beacon of love and light and honesty. Thank you for choosing yourself and allowing us to witness your commitment. Thank you for YOU."