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Wedding season is upon us, which means engagement rings flashing around all over the place. I like the idea of an engagement ring. It represents a commitment to another person, and a promise you've made to love and care for one another. Also it's pretty. But as jewelry line Fred + Far points out, true love isn't just for romantic partners. It's just as important to make that same kind of commitment to yourself.

So, the Los Angeles-based jewelry company has made the Self-Love Pinky Ring: an engagement ring you give to yourself.

Each ring comes with a pinky-promise pledge, which is basically your vows to yourself. It reads, "I [insert your name] pinky promise to honor myself. To choose myself. To remember myself. On a daily basis."

"We harness of the power of the divine feminine through our symbol of the upside triangle," co-founder and designer Samira Far tells Racked. "There's no other ring like it on the market. Most pinky rings are either inspired by traditional men's signet rings, or are simply thin little bands."

Celebrities like Lucy Hale and Amber Rose have made the commitment.

The handmade rings range in price from $150 for sterling silver, to $325 for your choice of 14k yellow, white, or rose gold. They feature an ethically sourced conflict-free white sapphire.

Take the plunge, ladies. It's time to commit.