Stay on the Healthy Path

Stay on the Healthy Path

Everywhere you turn, your friends are getting engaged. You sit there staring as your best friend shows off her sparkly new diamond, excited about the forever love she has found.

You start to think about your own life. When will you find the one? How will he propose? Who will your bridesmaids be?

What will your ring look like?

But wait a minute. Who says we need to wait for some other person to give us a ring?

Engagement rings are wonderful, but they shouldn’t be the epitome of your worthiness of love.

Well, get ready, because you’re about to see a ring made just for you, bearing an incredibly important message.

And it’s cute AF.

Big, shiny rocks they are so excited to show to their closest friends.

But Listen, You Don’t Need An Engagement Ring To Validate Your Worthiness Of Love In Any Way, Shape Or Form.

Because what we need is self-love.

Mastering The Art Of Truly Loving Ourselves, Independent Of A Partner’s Love, Is One Of The Most Important Life Goals.

And Now, Women Everywhere Are Celebrating Their Awesome Selves With A Very Special Symbol.

A ring…

So If You Spot A Woman Wearing A Pinky Ring Like This?

It means she loves herself. And so should you.