Amber Rose and Lucy Hale are honoring their most long-lasting relationship...themselves! (cue our favorite video of all time.) And why shouldn’t they? Think about it-- you spend every single moment with yourself. Sometimes you get frustrated or angry at yourself, so doesn’t it  help to be reminded of how wonderful you are? We think so, too.

Rose and Hale bought themselves Self-Love pinky rings from fred + far, a jewelry store with the fitting motto of “Commit to Yourself.”  Founded by Melody Godfred and Samira Far, these pair  want woman to (pinky) promise themselves to practice self love. On her Instagram, Rose praised the brand and wrote “Thank you Fred + Far for your love and support.”


The self-love rings has been given the label of "anti-engagement ring." As the website says, "Engagement= Commitment to another. Our Pinky Ring= Commit to self." The ring itself is in an inverse triangle design. Far told Racked magazine that the shape is meant to be a fempowered symbol of “the power of the divine form.”

Fred + Far want to remind everyone that if you wear a ring of commitment for somebody else, why not wear one for yourself? And we agree. Whether it’s a pinky ring or just a little piece that makes you feel like you (let’s not forget the iconic carrie necklace) we love the idea of wearing a little something that reminds you to, as the great poet JBiebs once said, love yourself.

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