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Where To Get

This Is The Anti-Engagement Ring For Anyone With Any Self Love

Oh baby you should go and love yourself.

Image: @fredandfar on Instagram

Fred and Far is a new and promising jewelry brand everyone is talking about. Based on the idea that self love and acceptance are the only things women need, Fred and Far created anti-engagement rings for women to buy as a present to themselves. the brands message: you need to love yourself and choose yourself first. Always.

In a society where everyone is looking to be loved and rack up as many likes as possible on Instagram posts, Fred and Far want women to learn to love themselves first and to stop looking for anyone's acceptance. Because we are connected to our cellphones on an unreasonable level, the women behind Fred and Far - Melody and Samira - decided to spread their self love movement through social media and created two hashtags that, we hope, will soon go viral: #chooseyourself and #selflovepinkyring.

And as if you weren't already convinced, our favorite Pretty Little actress Lucy Hale is one of the first celebrity who joined the movement. Fred and Far self love rings might not be the cheapest, with prices starting at $150 but they would make the most perfect birthday present, wouldn't they?

And don't forget our new motto: 

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