Who What Wear

Who What Wear

Getting engaged is an extremely exciting time in a woman's life. One of the most thrilling parts about the process? The engagement ring! Whether you opt for something big and bold (ahem, Miranda Kerr!) or something subtle and delicate, there's no doubt that it's one of the most important pieces of jewelry you'll ever wear. However, there's a new jewelry line out there looking to challenge that very idea.

Thanks to our friends at Hello Giggles, we'd like to introduce you to Fred + Far, a company started by Samira Far and Melody Godfred that designs pinky rings for women to wear as a sign of commitment to themselves. The rings are meant to be worn as an act of self-love, a positive message you don't typically associate with jewelry. They are also made with conflict-free sapphire stones and cut in an upside-down triangle shape as a symbol of femininity. We can totally see why the rings are so popular. The movement has even gained celebrity endorsements from the likes of Lucy Hale and Amber Rose. 

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