Wear Rose Quartz to Unlock Your Self Love Energy

Wear Rose Quartz to Unlock Your Self Love Energy

March's Limited Edition Self Love Pinky Ring gem is natural Rose Quartz. This incredibly special gem is the perfect stone to help you love yourself and we're here to share exactly why. 

We previously explained that the "stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz awakens the heart chakra and inspires peace, tenderness, and healing. It awakens love for oneself, and allows you to receive love from others." But how does it do that? 

Why Rose Quartz Is the Perfect Self Love Stone

Chakras: Heart, Throat

Elements: Water, Earth

Planet: Venus

Zodiac: Taurus, Libra

Rose Quartz is a sacred stone for the heart and throat chakra. Vibrating at number seven, Rose Quartz is zodiac associated with Taurus and Libra and is also a January birthstone.

Rose Quartz Self Love Pinky Ring

Rose Quartz follows the path of love and compassion. Every day is a day to love and value ourselves. We are very caring, but when do we stop and care for ourselves? Open your heart for yourself! Have empathy and patience. A stone of peace, unlocking inner healing and self love—to be in touch with your emotions while bringing healing ailments, remembering to love ourselves, allowing us to feel and understand our emotions. It dissolves any emotional wounds, allowing trust and faith to flow. Rose Quartz increases the vibration of love and harmony. It amplifies your self-awareness. A sweet gentle pink that melts away stress, fear, and worry and manifests in love energy.

"A sweet gentle pink that melts away stress, fear, and worry and manifests in love energy."

Rose Quartz brings self love and love of others, and allows love to guide and flourish. This love-filled gem has a calming energy that releases stress and anxiety, and cleanses the aura while shielding the heart to heal and protect. It also clears away negative emotions, allowing us to invoke love energy. It unlocks love energy that is of high vibration. Through love vibration, we heal and nurture our emotional/physical selves by aligning our frequencies. Rose Quartz is filled with light and harmony. It helps heal the heart chakra if you have been giving too much to others or just feeling unworthy, and replaces toxic emotions or heart blockages with love energy.

Rose Quartz Self Love Pinky Ring

Wearing Rose Quartz will attract an abundance of light and love. Rose Quartz is said to be the stone of Venus. The calming pink stone allows a clear mind to bring your highest intentions and affirmations to manifest and meditate. It increases self-awareness, allowing you to understand and love yourself in every perspective. It empowers you to manifest with intention for your highest good. It balances the heart, filling you with gratitude and a desire to give back. Wear it throughout the day to remind you of your highest energy of love intentions and self love.


Written by Kimberly Padilla, Founder of Washka Gems and Fred and Far's resident gem Expert.

"Realizing everything was alive at a young age gave me infinite gratitude. This allowed me to create an environment filled with love and peace, growing a sacred love for nature as everything is alive and it carries its own energy. Growing up in the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest led me to ancestral knowledge from our sacred Mother Nature Pachamama and how she can help us. I want to help, educate people to heal, love, and gain strength in their minds and body. I found myself healing in nature using minerals to absorb and balance my energy. Helping others enhance the protection of body mind and soul while giving harmonious support. Washka Gems seek to bring ancestral Andean knowledge in relation to the cosmic vision."
—Kimberly Padilla 

Whereas other gems reflect light, rose quartz generates light and energy—illuminating your intrinsic divine feminine energy and aligning you with the heart of the universe—Mother Earth. If you're looking for the ultimate self love ring to buy yourself, this is it.

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