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Free Gift with Purchase Starts Now

Every holiday, I create a new keychain that embodies the spirit of the year, and gift it with jewelry purchases as our holiday promotion. This year, I'm so proud to share the Gratitude Keychain, which features my favorite poem from my new book, Self Love Poetry for Thinkers and Feelers. After a year that pushed us all to the brink, it is a reminder that there is still so much to be grateful for. Most of all, I'm grateful for you. Thank you for making this sisterhood possible, and breathing life into it every day by being, choosing and loving your true...

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Fred and Far 2020 Self Love Gift Guide

The 2020 Self Love Gift Guide is here. I'm grateful to share so many options for treating yourself or someone you love this holiday season. All of these meaningful self love reminders are in stock and ready to ship. The best part? They don't require knowing someone's ring size.  Gifts Under $25  Whether you gift The ABCs of Self Love ($12.99) or Self Love Poetry for Thinkers and Feelers ($14.99) each of these books by Melody Godfred delivers priceless inspiration and empowerment to readers. For a limited time, order them both for a 20% discount with the Fred and Far Book Bundle ($21.99)....

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Introducing Limited Edition Mystic Quartz: the Rainbow Self Love Pinky Ring

What the world needs now is a little magic. And boy does mystic quartz deliver.A crystal quartz that has been treated to achieve a one-of-a-kind kaleidoscopic effect, this one gem embodies every color of the rainbow (and then some). Metaphysically, it dispels negative energy and activates the crown chakra, which empowers clarity and higher consciousness. This is a limited edition Self Love Pinky Ring, which means once we sell out, she will be gone. We only have 10 Originals and Minis left. I can't wait to make you yours. Shop Mystic Quartz Here

Article on Self Love Poetry for Thinkers and Feelers


Self Love Poetry for Thinkers and Feelers

Last week, I quietly released my new poetry book on Amazon, Self Love Poetry for Thinkers & Feelers. I'm so happy to share that it was the #1 New Release in its category and is also a top ten bestseller. This book of poetry wouldn't have been possible without each of you. Thank you for engaging with me every day on Instagram where I write new poetry daily. You're the inspiration behind the 200 poems that make up this very special book.As a thank you to you, my earliest and most loyal supporters, I've discounted the price from $14.99 to $9.99 for the next week. Please click through and...

Article on Meghan Markle's Pinky Ring - A Nod to Self Love?


Meghan Markle's Pinky Ring - A Nod to Self Love?

When it comes to her jewelry, Meghan Markle is always deliberate, and her latest pinky ring is no exception. From her engagement ring, which has two stones from Princess Diana (set in a trinity style signifying past, present and future), to the stunning aquamarine ring that she wore during her wedding reception (something blue and borrowed again from Princess Diana), Meghan embraces the fact that jewelry has meaning and makes a powerful statement. That's why her recent portrait with Prince Harry for their TIME100 talk is especially powerful for our movement. In the portrait for Time, Meghan is smiling and looking down at...

Article on The Limited Edition Ametrine Self Love Pinky Ring is Here


The Limited Edition Ametrine Self Love Pinky Ring is Here

Ametrine is the kind of gem that makes you believe in magic: part amethyst, part citrine, this otherworldly stone brings you all the metaphysical properties of our two most popular gems, and then some.  Amethyst relieves stress and sadness and promotes intuition, spiritual connection and even psychic abilities. Citrine stimulates the brain and promotes motivation, self-expression and creativity. Ametrine is a balance gem: it balances male and female energy (with us, and others) and promotes healing by releasing negativity.  Whether you choose the original or the mini Ametrine Self Love Pinky Ring, you'll enjoy the benefits and beauty of both amethyst and...

Article on Design Your Dream Stack


Design Your Dream Stack

When I first created the Self Love Pinky Ring in 2016, there was only one option: the White Sapphire Self Love Pinky Ring in a prong setting. And while I'm still absolutely enamored with our original, iconic self love reminder, I love seeing how our sisterhood is taking advantage of the different styles, stones and even rings (hello ME Ring!) to create their dream stacks. Here are some popular pairings for you to consider as you design your dream stack: The ME Trinity  The holy trinity of ME Rings, this stack is achieved by combining the ME Ring in three metals:...

Article on Self-Care September


Self-Care September "Find Your ME" 30-Day Challenge

Welcome to our four-week Self-Care September “Find Your ME” 30-Day Challenge & Giveaway, where we are making a daily commitment to discovering and honoring your ME - your true, complete self. Each week will focus on a theme, and we will embody that theme through daily movement meditations, mindfulness exercises and more all led by DeenaOH of MindBodyGrace. If you're not familiar with Alexander technique teacher Deena Odelle Hyatt, make sure to read our interview with her.  Through this four-week challenge, we will explore these questions:Who is The Whole and True ME? Where is my center? How do I find...

Article on A Pinky Promise to Support Social Justice


A Pinky Promise to Support Social Justice

2020, so far, has been a year of drastic change. Some good, but a lot scary, different, and uncertain. Compounding the global Coronavirus pandemic have been nearly three months of protests surrounding the unjust deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and countless others, from police brutality and systemic racism. The change being asked for is coming, sometimes in drips, sometimes in waves. But the fight is difficult, especially for Black women and girls who are often cast in the role of savior, even though all of us should be doing our part to achieve the transformative change our country...

Article on Becoming the Self Love Philosopher - Melody Godfred on Single Serving Podcast


Becoming the Self Love Philosopher - Melody Godfred on Single Serving Podcast

I'm proud to share a transcription of my conversation with Shani Silver, founder of Single Serving Podcast, a podcast (and community!) dedicated to change the narrative around being single (spoiler alert: it's not a bad thing after all). In it, I share about my journey from litigation attorney (Shani and I met in law school!) to self love philosopher. I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I enjoyed having it. The link to the podcast episode is available at the end of this post. Shani Silver: Welcome to A Single Serving Podcast. This is where we change the discussion around...

Article on The MINE Necklace Makes A Bold Statement About Belonging


The MINE Necklace Makes A Bold Statement About Belonging

I'm so proud to launch my latest product, the MINE necklace. The MINE necklace makes a bold statement to the world about belonging.  What does it mean to belong? It is both a matter of possession, and inclusion. We spend much of our lives seeking to belong- to a person, to a group. And sometimes in that pursuit, we relinquish our autonomy, our worth, our very wholeness with ourselves. This statement necklace tells the world, I am MINE. Is there a more powerful statement to be made? When you wear it, you take possession of yourself, and responsibility for yourself....

Article on Why Ruby is the Ultimate Self Love Gem


Why Ruby is the Ultimate Self Love Gem

Rubies are the ultimate self love gem, and our ruby Self Love Pinky Ring is the only ruby you’ll ever need (especially if you’re a July babe and ruby is your birthstone!). Not only will it improve your relationship with yourself, but it has a number of other associated benefits, which you can find listed below: 1. Enhanced Intimate Relationships Need to spice up your relationships? Ruby is known for being an epitome of undying love, evoking feelings of love, warmth, and compassion. Even more, ruby will help you to resolve conflicts and fix underlying problems with others.   2. More...