Article on Artist Ragni Agarwal Honors The Connection Between Mental Health and Art


Artist Ragni Agarwal Honors The Connection Between Mental Health and Art

One of the things that got me through the pandemic was watching my dear friend Ragni Agarwal make art. Even during the hardest periods of being on lockdown, Ragni Agarwal found a way to see the beauty of any given moment or space. From sharing vibrant color palettes, she discovered in the sunset or a leaf, to painting joyful portraits of women, Ragni emerged from the pandemic as an artist that wasn’t stifled, but rather reborn. She moved from digital art to physical art and took us all along for the ride, openly sharing about the connection between her art...

Article on A Spotify Playlist for Mental Health Day


A Spotify Playlist for Mental Health Day

Today, October 10th, is World Mental Health Day and we at Fred and Far are so happy to participate by sharing our World Mental Health Day Spotify playlist. The World Health Organization launched World Mental Health Day in 1992 to promote mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. Whereas mental health used to be something dealt with quietly in private and with stigma and shame, today mental health is something we openly embrace and share about.  On a personal level, it wasn't until I reached a breaking point with my mental health that I decided to see a...

Article on Four Recipes for a DIY Spa Day on Self Care Sunday


Four Recipes for a DIY Spa Day on Self Care Sunday

 Self care Sunday is the perfect opportunity for an at home spa day using common ingredients you already have at home. The beauty of these Self Care Sunday DIY spa day recipes is that they're designed to help you not only take care of your body, but also refresh your mind by getting you off electronics and away from your to do list. If you joined our Self Care September 30 Day Challenge then mark day 3 (epsom salt bath) and day 20 (at home face mask) off your list! If you haven't started yet, start today and tag us on Instagram on...

Article on Self Care September 30 Day Challenge


Self Care September 30 Day Challenge

NEW CHALLENGE! It's self care September so let's do a challenge together. Excited to witness your 30 days of self care. Take pictures of your progress & tag us so we can share you.  Share your daily challenges on social media to create accountability for yourself and to inspire your friends to join you by starting their own self love journeys. Make sure to use the hashtag #fredandfar and tag us so we can root you on every step of the way. Self Care September 30 Day Challenge: Take a selfie to have a baseline Warm lemon water in the...

Article on Self Care Isn't Selfish (And Here's the Scientific Proof)


Self Care Isn't Selfish (And Here's the Scientific Proof)

Self care isn't selfish. We know this. And yet - when we make time to care for ourselves, we feel, well, guilty. It's time to let science settle this debate once and for all: is it good for us to practice Self Care Sunday, or are we simply giving ourselves an excuse to be selfish? The Definition of Self Care Before we dive into the science behind self care, it's important to know what self care is.  According to the UK Department of Health:  “Self care is a part of daily living. It is the care taken by individuals towards their...

Article on Self Care Tips on Surviving Retrogrades


Self Care Tips on Surviving Retrogrades

Mercury retrograde may be over but there are 4 other planetary retrogrades still happening — which is why having a self care routine during retrogrades is essential. Retrogrades mean different things for different planets so they're not all the end of the world. If you want to learn how these retrogrades affect you and how you can work with them then keep reading. PLUTO RETROGRADE (April 27 - Oct. 6) Pluto is the planet of transformation aka creation and destruction and has potent energy. Pluto influences our emotions, what lies beneath the surface, and our subconscious mind. Pluto retrograde causes its influence...




Self Care Sunday is a great time to listen to wellness podcasts, which is why I'm happy to share the latest podcast I was interviewed on. In the Full-Fat Life Show Podcast, Elaine interviews prominent people in business and shares her experiment in living a “full-fat life" rather than the lite, safe disconnected alternative (which to her involves venturing into the discomfort of the unknown for the sake of growth, fulfillment and deep connection- no surface-level stuff here). The Full-Fat Life Show Podcast with Elaine Benson featuring Melody Godfred This week, I spoke to Elaine Benson about how focusing on being present and practicing...

Article on 21 Day Self Love Challenge


21 Day Self Love Challenge

They say it takes 21 days to make a new habit, which is why I love our Fred and Far 21 Day Self Love Challenge. This self love challenge is presented as a checklist - which means you get to decide the order you complete each of the 21 acts of self love and self care. The key is to do each with intention: with each, you're committing to prioritizing your needs, whether it is taking care of your mental or physical health, or having fun (an important element of both self love and self care).  When you complete your challenge for...

Article on What are you brave enough to say no to?


What are you brave enough to say no to?

For a long time, I prided myself in my desire to say yes. In fact, in 2014, I wrote a blog post about challenging myself to say yes to practically anything in the effort to ignite my imagination and broaden my life experience. I even invited my readers to join me in 100 days of yes, with all of us documenting our yes moments on social media. And for a time, saying yes worked. It opened many, many doors. And I prided myself on walking through all of them. I wrote a novel in 2010. I started my first business, Write...

Article on 25 Solo Date Ideas For the Pandemic


25 Solo Date Ideas For the Pandemic

When we first wrote about 25 solo date ideas for the weekend, we were living in a pre-pandemic world. While many of the ideas on our list still apply, we've made some tweaks to keep our solo date ideas super safe in a covid-19 world. So as we approach Valentine's Day Weekend 2021, here are 25 ways you can treat yourself to a solo date to remember. Get outdoors. Breathe in some fresh air, take some time to self-reflect, and go on a hike! Spa it up. Hitting the spa can be super expensive (and let's be honest - risky), but hitting...

Article on It’s Time to Marie Kondo Your Brain


It’s Time to Marie Kondo Your Brain

Most of the information that clouds my brain can be put into two categories: don’t forget, and can’t forget. This past year, I’ve made a conscious decision to do away with both. The result? Liberation. Let me explain. For most of my 37 years, I kept track of things, not on to do lists, or in calendar entries, but in my brain. Floating among my 100 billion neurons, were thoughts like, “Buy birthday present. Make dentist appointment. Pay doctor bill. Plan date night. Call friend from college. Replace light bulb. Write newsletter. Pay IT vendor.” And on. And on. And...