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Moonstone is an incredibly magical stone that helps you tap into your intuition to cultivate compassion and empathy. With its pearly iridescence, this gem is known to bring stability, balance, and harmony to your life.  The Limited Edition Moonstone Self Love Pinky Ring is the ultimate symbol for divine feminine energy and is also one of June's birthstones. Moonstone is a stone of inner strength and will enhance your intuition, success, and good fortune. Moonstone represents new beginnings due to its symbolic connection to the moon, let this magical stone help you on a new journey or chapter of life. This relaxing stone will assist in balancing your feminine and masculine sides while...

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New Year, True You

UPDATED 2/16/2022: We're officially on a break from producing jewelry. I hope you'll pick up a copy of one of my books to empower your self love journey. Thank you for your support! January 10th, 2022 --- a note from our founder: In January of 2019, burnout got the best of me. So I did the only thing left to do: I paused. I took a six-month break from Fred and Far and took care of myself. Now in 2022, it feels like the right time to do that again. This time I did a quiet test run, removing jewelry from...

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Meet Melody Godfred at the Strand Book Store with Valerie June on 12/6

I'm so proud to invite you to the first stop on my book tour for my upcoming book, a new and improved The ABCs of Self Love. The ABCs is an illustrated, guided journal for loving yourself, reclaiming your worth and changing your life (it debuts on January 4th, 2022!). Join me (virtually) at the iconic Strand Book Store in NYC on Monday, December 6th at 7 pm ET. I will be in conversation with poet and Grammy-nominated musician Valerie June about both Self Love Poetry and The ABCs of Self Love. The event is free, but tickets are required....

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Giving Tuesday Giveaway

✨GIVEAWAY! ✨ In honor of Giving Tuesday we want to celebrate the “Giver” in your life (and you!). How to enter:🌹Tag the giver in your life and tell us why they should win 💗Like and save this post👉Make sure to follow both @fredandfar and @selfceremony 💥Bonus entry if you share it to your story and tag both @fredandfar and @selfceremony 👯‍♀️Every comment counts as a new entry, so tag more than one friend for individual entries! What you’ll EACH win!From Fred and Far:$49 Double Clip Necklace$50 Gift Card towards a Self Love Pinky RingSigned copy of Self Love Poetry: For...

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2021 Gift Guide from Fred and Far

Here is your holiday gift guide with all of the best self love gifts this holiday season. We offer gifts at every price point for you or someone you love.  All apparel is available in different colors and sizes, so make sure to click through and explore. Shop now through 12/12 for holiday delivery. Gifts under $25 1. Gratitude Keychain 2. Self Love Poetry For Thinkers & Feelers 3. The Dream Mug 4. The Dream Tee 5. The Kids Dream Tee 6. The Toddler Dream Tee 7. Baby Dream Onesie Gifts under $50 1. The Dream Long Sleeve Tee 2. The Dream Sweatshirt 3. Fred And Far Double Clip...

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The ABCs of Self Love 2.0 is here!

I’m so proud to share that Andrews McMeel Publishing is releasing a new and improved version of my book, The ABCs of Self Love, on January 4th, 2022.  In some ways, this is the third edition of The ABCs. What started as a newsletter series in the summer of 2018 evolved into a book in November of 2018 - The ABCs of Self Love that we’ve collectively learned together. But just as the world changed over the past year, it was time for this book to change, too: to evolve beyond a black and white workbook, into a fully illustrated guided...

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The Night I Was Reborn: The Self Love Poetry Book Launch

On October 5th, 2021 my book Self Love Poetry was reborn into the world, and you could say, so was I. I initially self-published my debut poetry collection, Self Love Poetry: For Thinkers & Feelers, in October of 2020. Shortly after, Andrews McMeel, the greatest publisher of the poetry genre, reached out to me to acquire the book and help it reach a new, bigger audience. Me, someone who has always aspired to becoming a published author, couldn't resist.  I said yes to the deal, and in that way said yes to my most authentic self: I gave myself permission to...

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Dendritic Opal: The Self Love Pinky Ring for the New Era of You

Dendritic Opal is an incredibly unique stone that gives you the clarity you need to understand your purpose, lead with intuition and achieve your goals.  With its unique blend of black and white, the gem resembles marble, but has a much more powerful story. Also known as moss opal, the white symbolizes purity of life while the black mossy details represent organic growth that you experience over life -- stability and growth, perfectly balanced in one beautiful gem. The Limited Edition Dendritic Opal Self Love Pinky Ring is a bold new way to wear opals, the October birthstone. Dendritic Opal...

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Introducing the Fred And Far Double Clip Necklace

The Fred and Far Double Clip Necklace is designed to transform your Self Love Pinky Ring into a necklace. With two lobster clasps in the front, simply clip one end to each side of your ring for a stunning statement piece. Added bonus? Unclip one side and wear it as a bracelet or anklet. You can also use it hold your favorite charms, or simply attach the two clips together for a more simple look. We also love the Double Clip Necklace because of how easy it is to take it on and off. While there is an adjustable clip...

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Limited Edition Lapis Lazuli: The Stone of Cosmic Truth

Lapiz Lazuli is a stone for universal wisdom and truth. The Limited Edition Lapis Lazuli Self Love Pinky Ring is such a special ring because it enhances enlightenment by promoting the desire for truth, knowledge, and understanding. This is the gem you need if you're looking to enhance self awareness and knowledge, confidence, peace and harmony. This gem also encourages friendships and brings harmony into relationships.  Lapis will awaken your intuition, ignite your voice, and inspire you to dream bigger. Activate your third eye chakra and balance your throat chakra with Lapis Lazuli. When the throat chakra is balanced and...

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Strawberry Quartz: The Gem of Universal Love

  Strawberry quartz is the gem of universal love. Which is why the Limited Edition Strawberry Quartz Self Love Pinky Ring is such a special ring. Strawberry quartz embodies a powerful love vibration and has strong energy to stimulate happiness and joy.    This stone can show you are worthy of love and bring harmony in love and friendships. Once you tap into your inner power, strawberry quartz will ensure your talents don't go unnoticed and prompt others to recognize and appreciate your abilities. The ultimate gem of universal love that will bring feelings of unconditional love available for you from the universe at all times.   ...

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The Peridot Self Love Pinky Ring: The Supernatural August Birthstone

Natural peridot is both of the earth and of the stars. Which is why the Peridot Self Love Pinky Ring is such a special ring. If you’re an August baby looking for a peridot August birthstone ring, or you simply need some extraterrestrial magic to jump start your self love journey, peridot is for you. This precious green gem is born in fire, formed in lava in the Earth’s mantle. It has also been discovered in comet dust and on the moon. It’s otherworldly, the ultimate stone to transform, heal, and enlighten your self-love journey. It’s otherworldly, the ultimate stone...