Article on The One Who Is Her Person


The One Who Is Her Person

"I ordered my ring back in March and messaged you on Instagram telling a little bit about how I found the movement and what made me choose the ring I chose. I am a chemical engineer so English/writing is not my strong suit. I saved your email about sending my story and on occasion would think about what I wanted to say but never actually executing. The funny thing is the timing and reason I chose the Rose Quartz at purchase, has kind of come full circle to where I'm at right now 6 months later. I have been single...

Article on The One Who is Embracing Her Authentic Self


The One Who is Embracing Her Authentic Self

"I’m a wife & mom of three, pushing 40, pursuing a purpose. I enjoy long walks on the beach and peaceful … 🎬Seriously though, I enjoy crushing personal fitness goals (slowly & safely) while listening to music so vulgar that it’d burn your eardrums. I’m slightly rigid about food simply because I recognize what makes my body feel like crap. I surf fashion blogs & fill online carts like it’s my job, while I live in fabulous black shirts, tennis shoes, and love a ball cap. Scoliosis, autoimmune disorders, and other chronic health conditions have consumed my life. I wished...

Article on The One Who Found Her Self Love Community


The One Who Found Her Self Love Community

"I’ve always loved hard. The bad thing about loving so hard, though, is I always fall hard, too, when things are over. I’ve had a few key relationships that have really done me in when they ended. The problem was in my approach to love. I sometimes give too much of myself to others, leaving too little for me. So, when things end, I can find myself lost, having forgotten the core of who I am, or having given too much of myself away in compromise. It was in heartbreak that I realized I needed to love myself more. Without love...

Article on The One Who Found Self Love


The One Who Found Self Love

"A few months ago, I discovered the concept of the “self love pinky ring.” Basically, a reminder of the promise made to show yourself love. It’s something I’ve been working at pretty diligently lately. I don’t have a great track record of loving myself, and am actually pretty skilled at unintentional self-sabotage. The idea of loving myself actually used to make me SO uncomfortable. Because I didn’t think I deserved it. But I want that to change. I’m striving for that to change. Now is a ring going to fix all of that? No. But it’s a solid reminder of...

Article on The One Who Started Expressing Herself


The One Who Started Expressing Herself

  "I bought my ring a few months ago when I was having a hard time at work. Blue topaz is not only my birth stone but it is also linked to your ability to express yourself, which is what I really needed to do. I wear it every single day and I can’t tell you how much that reminder gets me through whatever I need to do. It’s such a simple thing, the ring, and yet it serves such an enormous purpose. Thank you so so so much!" - Maritza   Connect with Maritza on Instagram @maritzamelania.

Article on The One Who Put Herself First


The One Who Put Herself First

"After years of putting myself down due to trauma that occurred in childhood and quite a catastrophic life event, my AHA! moment came was when I was forced to leave the comfort of my apartment temporarily to come back home to the very place where my childhood trauma had began. I began to realize that I needed to begin to put myself first and start therapy, and to truly take care of myself so that upon my return home I could take care of my son and husband. To be present. To be grateful, but to always know that no...

Article on The One Who Created Boundaries


The One Who Created Boundaries

" #theabcsofselflove challenge Day 2️⃣ Boundaries. This is such a big one for me - it’s actually how I started doing the @fredandfar challenges. Boundaries are awesome. It’s better to say no and honor your feelings than “suck It up” to do what everyone else wants and be miserable. Yesterday I had a horrible headache and decided to stay off my phone for most of the day (also why I’m posting this a day late). A silly boundary - but It made a big impact. These little boundaries set you up to define your bigger boundaries.I am a recovering people...




"I tried to give her everything she wanted. And damn. Did she want it all. She wrote it down. She spoke it out loud. She even announced to the congregation at church that graduation Sunday exactly what her plans were. The career. New York City. Of course she left a few things out though. Like falling in love by 23. Married by 25. Kids by 27. Her religion was agendas and she worshipped the details. She had absolutely everything mapped out. What she wanted. When she wanted it. And how she was going to get it. She was 18 with...

Article on The One Who Decided to be Her True Self


The One Who Decided to be Her True Self

"Birthdays are a reflection of the life in your years. A time to take stock in how far you’ve come and what you still have left to live! I’m excited how life continues to challenge, humble and amaze me! ⁣⁣My revelations..⁣⁣I’ve realized as hard as it was to lose friends through divorce it’s what needed to happen. ⁣⁣There are people that couldn’t come with me where I am going. It cleared space for others with the type of connections that were meant to grow, expand and move me forward. ⁣⁣So while my group may be small, I choose quality over...

Article on The One Who Chose Self Compassion


The One Who Chose Self Compassion

"Blindsided when I moved in with “the love of my life”, and it took me a year and a half, through a pandemic, to move out, and get away from the toxic, narcissistic abuse. Looking at patterns, and leftover childhood issues I’m bringing in, all saying “I’m damaged” . Starting to do the work of self compassion, and finding who I am." - Melissa from Maryland Submit your own story here.