Article on The One Who Found Security in Herself


The One Who Found Security in Herself

"I'm going through my 3rd divorce, I thought I had it right this last time but was abandoned and rejected out of nowhere. I'm tired. I've been seeing things about this ring for a while and even researched it at one point. After a year separation, giving him "space" to figure his stuff out we are divorcing and I'm focusing on me. I'm working out, journaling, getting to where I am my support and even though I will have more moments of rejection and abandonment in my future I will always be my own safe space to land. that is...

Article on The One Who Kept Going


The One Who Kept Going

"My “choose yourself” moment first began twelve years ago following an ugly divorce from an abusive marriage. I had lost my voice, lost my identity, and lost all my self worth. It was a slow start, but I kept putting one foot in front of the other until one day I loved the reflection in my mirror. I have two children and wanted to be a good example for them both. I discovered Fred and Far when an old high school friend, that I hadn’t seen since graduation, tagged me in a giveaway because I love triangles and my journey...

Article on The One Who Found the Path to Self Love Through Tragedy


The One Who Found the Path to Self Love Through Tragedy

"I bought my ring on February 1, 2019. December and January had been particularly hard months for me, between work and my personal life. I bought this ring in the morning, deciding I would start making some changes. I got off work early, and thought I would fit in a little nap before my son got off the bus. I woke up to a phone call from my mother, telling me to come to my parents right away. It was my dad—paramedics were working on him but it wasn’t good. Two hours later, he was pronounced dead at a local...

Article on The One Who Achieved Her Dream After Raising 5 Kids on Her Own


The One Who Achieved Her Dream After Raising 5 Kids on Her Own

I am a single mother of five children, and over the last decade I have chosen my kids over myself (as a mother should) but this past year I finally landed my dream job as an Engineer. I literally scraped my way through the last decade, only buying from thrift stores to clothe myself and kids, and I’ve finally made it to a point in my life where I can splurge on myself. This ring is a reminder to me to also take care of myself and that I deserve something this special.  —Trinity from Minnesota Submit your own story...

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The One Who Found What She Was Searching For

I don't remember exactly when or how I stumbled across Fred and Far, but I do remember that as soon as I read the core message behind Melody's designs, I knew I had to join the movement. I was in a weird transitional moment in my life, feeling down about myself, my career, my role in the world. Until I found this little black ring. It reminded me that I cannot rely on others for what I was searching for, that my direction and self worth needed to come from within first. It was a gentle reminder to take care...

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The One Who Learned to Let Love in (for the First Time)

Being the only girl born in a family of six boys was quite hard. I expected more love. However, it was the opposite. Growing up, I felt I never really desired to accept love from any one, be it friends or family. This made me doubt myself often and think of myself as undesirable. But along the way, I sought for help from different people and I have also found comfort in my sisters, mother, and different networks to connect to myself once more and find my inner power. I have learned to love myself more and to give myself more time to be...

Article on The One Whose Confidence Inspires Others


The One Whose Confidence Inspires Others

I am an advocate for self love and body positivity. I realized how important my work was when my cousin told me she admired me for being confident and vocal about my self love journey. She didn’t recognize confident, bigger women in the media so when she saw that I was acting, blogging, and modeling it gave her a new perspective and acceptance of her body. After hearing her story, I realized I was on the right path and decided I needed to make a deeper commitment to myself to ensure I continued on this journey of self love, image...

Article on Woman wearing a Self Love Pinky Ring


The One Who Got Her Ring After She Put Herself First

My husband and I had been married three years when he physically assaulted me. I separated from him and then found out he was ALREADY in a new relationship. In the aftermath of my life blowing up, I saw the Self Love Pinky Ring. I got it as a daily reminder of the importance of loving myself first as I did at the end of my marriage. I've worn it everyday. The picture is from a recent manicure. -Anonymous   Submit your own story here.

Article on woman wearing a self love pinky ring


The One Who is Wildly Herself... and Loves It

I decided to choose myself because I was tired of people choosing who they thought I should be. It made me miserable. I choose to love myself for who I am, what I look like, and for my own unique personality, no matter how much of a goober I am. I am me and I love to venture out and do things not everyone would or likes to do. And that's okay. I am ME: a beautiful, untamed person who loves wildly and accepts everyone for who they are, not who I think they should be. —Kelly Ray   You...

Article on Woman wearing a self love pinky ring


The One Who Turned an Ending into a Beautiful Beginning

My Journey to choosing myself started the day that my husband left me. He walked away and left me alone with my three small children. Not only did I not have a job, I didn't have skills that would allow me to get a good job - one that would pay all my bills AND allow me to raise my children the way I wanted to. When he left, I fell to the floor and cried. After 15 minutes of crying, a little voice inside my head whispered, "Get up. Get up! This is not the end of your story; this is...

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The One Who's Healing by Committing to Herself

In 2019 I met a man who I thought was the love of my life. I didn't think it would ever be possible to find someone I liked and loved so much, who ticked every box. Six months into our relationship he bought me a ring—not an engagement ring or a promise ring, but a ring that sat on my pinky finger and symbolized love, teamwork, and trust. We spent a wonderful year together, but the day after Valentine's Day, 2020 he broke up with me. Taking off his ring was excruciating, and it made me realize how much meaning...

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The One Who Discovered Her Worth and Ended An Unhealthy Engagement

New member of the Fred and Far movement and MS warrior, KC from Maine recently shared with us her powerful journey into self love and out of an unhealthy engagement: "My choose myself moment happened this past summer, but I truly didn’t recognize it until many months later. In August 2020, I made an incredibly difficult decision to end my engagement. In that moment, I chose me above all other obligations and commitments. I have a tribe like no other and they stood by me while I struggled to stop feeling guilty about my choice. The guilt was overwhelming and I almost...