Article on From Self-Sacrifice to Self-Care: One Mother's Wake Up Call After Cancer


From Self-Sacrifice to Self-Care: One Mother's Wake Up Call After Cancer

Should there be a change in cabin pressure… put on your oxygen mask first before helping others.  As a new mom, I would roll my eyes every time I heard these instructions before a flight.  At the time, I believed I had an invisible cape and that all moms were invincible. I couldn’t comprehend how these flight attendants could suggest for a mother to put herself and her needs before that of her children. As a new mom, I genuinely believed motherhood was synonymous with self-sacrifice.  And living with this belief was exhausting. When I was at work, I had...

Article on The One Who Saved Herself


The One Who Saved Herself

"You Gotta Love Yourself Boo. Let’s get real for a moment with a topic that’s close to my heart, self-love. Self-love isn’t getting the love it should as often as it should. I get it, especially as women, we tend to put others first. Sometimes it’s our families, friends and sometimes even work. Whatever it is, the self-love gets put on the back burner and that needs to stop! Self-love needs to be at the front of our minds at all times. Just as they advise to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you helping others, your self-love needs...

Article on The One Who Keeps Fighting


The One Who Keeps Fighting

"There is a quote by Kaci Diane that floats around the internet from time to time: “I love the woman that I’ve become because I fought to become her.” The mantra of self love is something I rely on daily.  I have struggle with Depression since I was a little girl. It followed me growing up between spilt parent houses, to sleepovers, on dates, in classrooms, to work. I felt mortified that I had to be given a pill in order to be "Normal". The weight of that insecurity led me to feel unconfident growing up, as if everyone could...

Article on The One Who Inspires


The One Who Inspires

"Since childhood, I have been raised as a traveler due to my father's job. I've had to adjust to different countries and cultures time after time. All throughout, I grew a passion to be kind and love each person that I meet. I am committed and determined to be an inspirer, to match the frequency of my heart with every soul I meet. I recently came to a point in my life where I realized that while I choose to give the world happiness, I don't love myself enough. After all, how can I inspire others if I don't inspire...

Article on The One Who Made Her Destiny


The One Who Made Her Destiny

“I love my ring and it is a daily reminder that I am the maker of my own destiny! I have forever struggled with insecurities and self doubt. It took me hitting rock bottom and losing things I hold so dear to my heart to realize it all starts with me.  How could I fully love someone or believe they could fully love me without loving myself?? Every day is a struggle but every day I am now waking up and choosing myself. I will love myself first in order to get the greatness I deserve! Thank you for being...

Article on The One Who Conquered


The One Who Conquered

"In the past 18 months I: received a late-in-life autism diagnosis, lost my dog to cancer and found out my husband is leaving me. I've shouldered the brunt of a loved-one's depression while trying to sort out how to address and manage my autism. I've had my heart shattered in numerous ways, to a painful depth I never knew possible. I've been betrayed in ways I took for granted would never happen, and saw my life spinning out of control with no discernible way to stop it. But somehow the chaos became calm, the fear became resolve, the sadness became...

Article on The Intentional One


The Intentional One

“I received the self love pinky ring a month ago as a heartfelt 24th birthday present from my parents and brother. A few months ago, I got this "go be it" tattoo as a reminder to be who I want to be and to do what I want to do. To not let insecurities and self doubt get in the way. This self love ring goes hand in hand with that. My @fredandfar ring is a daily reminder to be intentional in choosing myself, to put myself first, to know that I am enough and that I am worth it....

Article on The One Who Empowers Herself


The One Who Empowers Herself

"The ring I wear on my pinky finger is a self love ring. Ever since I got it, it has helped me through the hard times I faced this year. Before I had this ring, I did not honor, love or choose myself on daily basis. I neglected myself and felt like there was nothing love about myself everything I tried to do or fix ended up worse. The toughest part was sitting down and thinking to myself what is it I could write down that I love about myself? An hour later the page was still blank. And then,...

Article on The One Who's Finding Her True Identity


The One Who's Finding Her True Identity

"I recently finished a treatment program for an Eating disorder. My disorder has taken so much away from me, especially my true identity. I’m beginning to learn who I am, how to take care of myself and my needs, and most importantly how to love myself and be kind to myself. I purchased my ring for a constant reminder to myself that I am worth it, and I have a life worth living."

Article on The One Who Knows It's Perfectly Okay to Be Imperfect


The One Who Knows It's Perfectly Okay to Be Imperfect

"So my self love journey began about a year and a half ago after I moved into my first house and was once again living alone. I soon realized I was sad despite reaching this amazing goal of buying a house. I felt alone. And as far as I could see I was alone. What made it worse was that I didn’t like who I was alone with...ME. I didn’t like who I was, I hated my body, and I couldn’t see how anyone else could like me either so I stayed alone. It was a blog that had shared...

Article on The One Whose Self Love Fuels Greatness


The One Whose Self Love Fuels Greatness

"I moved out on my own a year ago after my mom passed away. You could say I lost both my parents at once- one physically, and then  the other mentally. I put on a strong face and went through the motions on a daily basis without trying to feel too much. I lost myself in the process.     While trying to kick habits that were tough to rid myself of, I began practicing small acts of self love every day. I got into yoga and exercise. I finally got the job I've been waiting so many years to secure. I...

Article on The One Who Defies Society


The One Who Defies Society

"I am very happy and honored to be part of this self love movement. I am 28 years old, single, no kids, and for 10 years my life has been dictated by my work. I have never loved myself from childhood. It is not easy to love yourself when you are not like the society wants, I was little bit "tomboy", the good friend, I have always been known for putting other people first. As life progresses, I lack love (even if I have the best parents!). So why don't I begin by loving myself? When I saw the Fred and...