Article on The One Who Never Lost Faith


The One Who Never Lost Faith

We all have our stories; those stories make us who we are. Our stories set us free. Life happens, and life changes us. I’ve been asked so many times where I find my happiness and peace. I don’t believe in religion, but my happiness and peace comes from Jesus. I was raised in a Baptist church, and my Daddy was a Deacon and Sunday School teacher. He and my Momma sang in the choir. I was taught about Jesus ever since I can remember. I’ve been through some horrific events in my life, from being abused as a young girl...

Article on The One Who Is Beloved


The One Who Is Beloved

When I met her my wife was an oncology nurse mixing chemo drugs and administering them to cancer patients.  She was beloved by her patients and was showered with gifts while other nurses were not. After five years of administering chemo with 60 cc syringes she developed pain running up and down her hand, wrist and arm.  She was forced to retire from oncology And her Worker’s compensation doctor suggested surgery to her wrist.  All they did was prescribe her opioids and surgery.  She was not happy with the Western Medical options that were presented to her. We went to...

Article on The One Who Pinky Promised for a New Beginning


The One Who Pinky Promised for a New Beginning

Pinky promises were a part of my childhood and I always took those acts of keeping a promise to heart! I am going through a journey of healing after the end of my marriage. When I saw the Self Love Pinky Ring I knew I could make the same pinky promise I did when I was a child: to give back and choose myself. I took my wedding ring off and am replacing it with the Self Love Pinky Ring as a promise to take care of me and who I am. Even if I decide to get married again one day,...

Article on The One Who Loved Herself Through Quarantine


The One Who Loved Herself Through Quarantine

I am incredibly generous and always seem to be pouring all of my love and energy into someone else instead of myself. As women I think we are taught to be caregivers. When we put our needs first it is often perceived as selfish, which is such a negative message. Spending the last few months in quarantine was a harsh reminder that the only person who will really care about my well-being is me! I wondered why I didn’t give myself the same love I kept trying to give to everyone else. With my Self Love Pinky Ring, I'm proclaiming that now is the time to...

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The One Who Found Her Creativity Amidst the Chaos

If 2020 has emphasized anything, it would be that nothing is guaranteed, sleep included. The restorative power of rest has been severely lacking in the midst of this stressful pandemic and the new chapter of Civil Rights in the US. And if I can’t find some sort of rest, how can I be creative? How can I ask myself to create when it’s a struggle to wash dishes and do laundry on the same day? I haven’t figured it out, but a new impulse started to pop up throughout the insomnia. I started to see more days turn into nights...

Article on The One Who Reclaimed Her Dream In Bolivia


The One Who Reclaimed Her Dream In Bolivia

I’m so happy you chose to make rings with ametrine. When I was in my first year of medical school I did a spring break trip to provide healthcare in Bolívia, which is where this stone is from (also called Bolivianite). When I left the States, I was stressed out, struggling, and thinking about dropping out. When I got back, I was determined to fulfill my dream. Working with the people there reminded me why I wanted to be a doctor at a time when I was very far from actually working with patients, and helped me get through the...

Article on The One With Two Tokens of Sacred Love


The One With Two Tokens of Sacred Love

"A few years ago, after turbulent months of up and downs ending in a complete crash of my mental health & loss of a relationship, my dear friend suggested I make a list of exactly what I wanted in a partner. I'd spent so long not wanting to be alone that I had compromised on almost every aspect of what I knew I deserved and would be compatible in my life.⁣⁣I wrote serious things such as ability to listen to me, willingness to try new things, won't give up on me when my anxiety gets the best of me, gets along...

Article on The One Who Took Audacious Care of Herself


The One Who Took Audacious Care of Herself

”2020 has been a year of epitomes for me. I turned 48. I’ve raised 3 children ages 26, 24 & 20 largely on my own & have 2 grandchildren that make my day everyday. I’ve had 12 trips to various places in the middle of the year of Covid.🔻I stopped choosing people that didn’t choose me. Stopped giving people’s opinions weight who aren’t contributing anything but hot air & like Cardi B said you know those who popped the most ish are the people whose ish is not together.🔻Your opinion of me is none of my business.🔻I’m taking audacious care of...

Article on The One Who Made the Best Decision


The One Who Made the Best Decision

“I’ve always LOVED jewelry and I am in the very beginning stages of a divorce. I haven’t worn my engagement/wedding rings in over 6 months...I tried for the longest to convince myself they did not make me who I am as a grown woman and mother. After 6 months I finally decided to replace that with the Self Love Pinky Ring so that it can be my daily reminder that ME and my son are it. And if I prioritize myself a little more, then my son truly can get the best parts of me all to himself.🔻I tried to...

Article on The Alexandrite Self Love Pinky Ring


The One Who Is Ever Changing

"My ring, ever-changing in its colors, shining so brightly one moment then dark and rich the next, is my reminder that change is beautiful and how deeply I feel is not a flaw but a gift. Because if I can know such levels of sadness over the years, imagine the extraordinary levels of joy I can reach. My ring is my reminder."

Article on The One Who Came Back to Life (With a Vengeance)


The One Who Came Back to Life (With a Vengeance)

"In 2018, I went through a terrible breakup when someone I thought I trusted. It was so bad that for months I didn’t know who I was. I felt like I had lost myself and my creativity. I deleted all of my social media and completely isolated myself with the exception of Pinterest which helped me heal and find myself again. One day while pinning to my narcissistic abuse and self love recovery board, I stumbled across a Fred and Far pin. I IMMEDIATELY visited the website and wrote to Melody to thank her for advocating self-love. That was a pivotal...

Article on The One Who Got Out


The One Who Got Out

"I was in a abusive marriage for 6 years. God gave me a final opportunity to get out. I had been ignoring it, trying to see the best and praying that things would improve. I see now, God was trying to tell me to leave from the beginning. I saw this as a ad first and was immediately drawn to it. Pinky promises since childhood have been an unbreakable promise! As I go though this journey of healing, I thought, as I take my wedding rings off I'm replacing with the pinky promise to take care of me for once. Even...