Article on The Alexandrite Self Love Pinky Ring Is Here (June Birthstone Ring!)


The Alexandrite Self Love Pinky Ring Is Here (June Birthstone Ring!)

At long last, and after many requests, the Alexandrite Self Love Pinky Ring has arrived and she doesn't disappoint. Pictures simply don't do this gem justice. Perhaps the most magical stone we've introduced yet, the color-changing Alexandrite mysteriously shifts from a dreamy blue to a rich purple depending on the light.  While Alexandrite is the June birthstone and represents our Gemini and Cancer sisters born in June, it's the perfect choice for anyone who is navigating a period of change (basically - all of us). The chameleon-like Alexandrite is connected with concentration and learning. It is a reminder that change is the...

Article on Friday Feature: Sound Healer Shanila Sattar

Friday Feature

Friday Feature: Sound Healer Shanila Sattar

Our Friday Feature celebrates powerful women from our sisterhood who share their magic with the world in unique and inspiring ways. This week, we are proud to share Shanila Sattar, a sound healer, wellness activator, women's researcher, speaker, and the founder of AlwaysPlay Studios. She uses ancient modalities with a modern twist to balance the everyday person and has worked with groups with anxiety, stress, depression, mood imbalances, and sleep troubles. In addition to this thoughtful interview, she created a custom sound bath for restful sleep for the Fred and Far community that we will be sharing here and on IGTV. Scroll...

Article on The One Who Came Back to Life (With a Vengeance)


The One Who Came Back to Life (With a Vengeance)

"In 2018, I went through a terrible breakup when someone I thought I trusted. It was so bad that for months I didn’t know who I was. I felt like I had lost myself and my creativity. I deleted all of my social media and completely isolated myself with the exception of Pinterest which helped me heal and find myself again. One day while pinning to my narcissistic abuse and self love recovery board, I stumbled across a Fred and Far pin. I IMMEDIATELY visited the website and wrote to Melody to thank her for advocating self-love. That was a pivotal...

Article on How To Keep Your Self Love Pinky Ring Sparkling


How To Keep Your Self Love Pinky Ring Sparkling

When we designed the Self Love Pinky Ring, our intention was to create a ring that you would wear every single day as a symbol and reminder of your commitment to yourself. Just like you need self care to stay your sparkling best, so does your pinky ring. Here are our top four tips for keeping your Self Love Pinky Ring as bright and shiny as you are: 1. Give Your Ring a Bath Whether you have a Sterling Silver or Solid Gold Ring, it’s a good idea to give your ring a bath every month or so to remove...

Article on The One Who Got Out


The One Who Got Out

"I was in a abusive marriage for 6 years. God gave me a final opportunity to get out. I had been ignoring it, trying to see the best and praying that things would improve. I see now, God was trying to tell me to leave from the beginning. I saw this as a ad first and was immediately drawn to it. Pinky promises since childhood have been an unbreakable promise! As I go though this journey of healing, I thought, as I take my wedding rings off I'm replacing with the pinky promise to take care of me for once. Even...

Article on The One Who Was Reborn


The One Who Was Reborn

"To me, this ring symbolizes a rebirth in the form of self-love. With my tribe, my new home, and my new ring, I slowly put the pieces back together and become the girl I lost over the years- the girl beyond the hardened facade." "To this day, I can’t remember a time that self-love wasn’t something that felt impossible- unattainable. Growing up, I paled in comparison to my brilliant, older sister. While she took her high school classes at Ohio State and scored a perfect on her SAT, I grasped at anything noteworthy about myself. I sat in silence as...

Article on My Name Is Melody, And I'm A Highly Sensitive Person


My Name Is Melody, And I'm A Highly Sensitive Person

I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my story as a highly sensitive person with Authority Magazine. See below for the most vulnerable and freeing interview of my life. Reframe Your Sensitivities as Superpowers. When I was a litigation attorney, my sensitivity was something that made it impossible for me to do my job. I remember one project in particular, where I was tasked with tabulating and explaining all the bills that had accumulated during a years-long case (the bills my firm had charged added up to millions), I felt so bad for the client that I could barely speak. Now...

Article on A Letter to my Mom


A Letter to my Mom

Thank you, mom. For seeing my most authentic self the moment I was born and naming me Melody. Thank you, mom. For bravely leaving your home country and family when you were only 21 and I was only 3 months so I could have a better life. Thank you, mom. For giving me an idyllic childhood, despite having to make a life out of nothing with no one to lean on but Dad. Thank you, mom. For the homemade birthday cakes with pudding centers and handwritten invitations. Thank you, mom. For the singing and piano lessons, the art and dance...

Article on 8 Inspiring Quotes From Women Who Changed The World


8 Inspiring Quotes From Women Who Changed The World

Happy International Women’s Day to all of the powerful women in our lives. Today we celebrate YOU, your stories and all of your accomplishments in addition to all the amazing women that have paved the way. From Coco Chanel to Tracee Ellis Ross, each woman below is a testament to the phrase, “Where there’s a WOMAN, there’s a way.” With courage, strength, love and a bit of ingenuity, these women overcame life’s challenges to transform our culture and the world.  1. "It's one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive. Forgive everybody." - Maya Angelou Maya Angelou’s poems...

Article on With “I Love Me,” Demi Lovato Chooses Self Love


With “I Love Me,” Demi Lovato Chooses Self Love

Demi Lovato’s new single  “I Love Me” drops tonight and it is the pinnacle of self love. Demi is reclaiming herself and taking a stand for women everywhere. Only a 30 second snippet has been revealed, but we love that in I Love Me she’s wearing our power color: red. While we’re counting down the minutes ‘til I Love Me drops, let’s take a look at the I Love Me lyrics we do have and see what Demi Lovato has said about self-love and self-care: “Why do I compare myself to everyone? And I always got my finger on the...

Article on 5 Oprah Quotes from 2020 Vision Tour LA


5 Oprah Quotes from 2020 Vision Tour LA

On Saturday, 13,000 people gathered at the Forum in Los Angeles for Oprah’s 2020 Vision Tour. Oprah carried the day with her vision, her abundant wisdom, her generous heart and spirit. But if you’ve read the news, there’s only one thing you probably know about the day: she fell. While giving her first address of the day, Oprah was sharing about the need for balance, and she fell. As she expressed on her Instagram afterwards, her fall became a meme. She deserves better. So do we. Maybe it’s because she’s Oprah - one of the most celebrated, influential and self-made...

Article on 30 Day Self Love Challenge


30 Day Self Love Challenge

Make Self Love and Self Care part of your daily routine with our 30 Day Self Love Challenge. You can try these challenges in order, or mix it up! Share your daily challenges on social media to create accountability for yourself and to inspire your friends to join you by starting their own self love journeys. Make sure to use the hashtag #fredandfar and tag us so we can root you on every step of the way. 30 Day Self Love Challenge: Buy yourself flowers Go sugar-free for the day Write down five concrete goals for the month Cook or...